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Press Releases

March 23, 2020

Sharp Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits
Against Tesla Motors Japan

Sharp Corporation (hereinafter "Sharp") filed patent infringement lawsuits seeking an injunction based on three patents in total in the Tokyo District Court against Tesla Motors Japan LLC (Head Office: Minato Ward Tokyo, Japan, hereinafter " Tesla Japan ") on January 31, February 3 and March 19, 2020. Sharp alleges that Tesla Japan’s importing and selling of electronic vehicles equipped with a communication device constitutes an infringement of the LTE patents asserted by Sharp.

Sharp views its intellectual property as a major resource for its business development. Sharp’s wireless communication standard essential patent portfolio now includes more than 6,000 patents across over 50 countries and these technologies are made available for wide industrial use. Sharp will take necessary actions to protect its intellectual property rights.

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